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The Bahamas Advantage. Data Protection Framework and best-in-class cloud infrastructure by Cloud Carib

The Bahamas – Strong Data Protection Framework

Importance of Data Jurisdiction

Data jurisdiction is becoming an increasingly important issue for global enterprises using cloud services, as data protection laws of their service provider jurisdiction govern the protection and access to data. The USA Patriot Act, as an example, entitles authorities to access data stored by non-US persons on US servers. In response to these laws, many companies are specifically opting to host their sensitive data outside the United States.

Bahamas Data Protection Act

In The Bahamas where Cloud Carib is headquartered, access to data is governed by the Data Protection Act, which provides a statutory framework for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information largely based upon OECD’s Privacy Guidelines. These guidelines were the first international statement of the core information privacy principles and have proven highly influential over the past 30 years, serving as the basis for national and international privacy instruments.

Feitian Partnership

To further reinforce its commitment to data security, Cloud Carib entered in an agreement with Feitian Technologies, a leading software security company, specializing in authentication and encryption solutions. Based in Beijing and serving a global clientele, Feitian has been awarded 500 worldwide patents and continues to push the edge of digital security technology and authentication systems by extending cross-platform hardware solutions for mobile devices, the main modern target for cyber-attacks.

This new partnership will enable Cloud Carib to implement additional security features in its offerings, such as 2-factor authentication token for Citrix cloud solutions, and dongle systems for software developers seeking to secure their digital assets.

Alec Karys, ex-Sr. Software Development Manager at and Chairman
of the Advisory Board of Cloud Carib (also Mentor/Judge at MassChallenge & Techstars)

Recent Highlights

vCloud-poweredCloud Carib was recognized as the first Caribbean firm to achieve the highly coveted “vCloud Powered” certification, and “Cloud IaaS” Solution Competency. In addition to a complete range of professional services, the company offers cloud infrastructure on demand, based on the VMware vCloud technology stack, out of their privately-owned equipment in the largest Nassau datacenter as well as several other datacenters throughout the region. Companies that are using VMware in their infrastructure can effortlessly extend their datacenter to Cloud Carib’s cloud offering, and only pay for what they use, while having the option to scale their resources as demand dictates. It’s the easiest, fastest path to the Cloud for VMware customers.

Is it safe to host your data in the US?

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Global Insecurity

The Wall Street Journal reports on the global data protection reforms following the massive data surveillance revelations.

(copyright Wall Street Journal)

The Bahamas – Major Advantages:

BS_Flag_120x300 Independent nation with strong data protection legislation

Proximity to major US and Latin America financial centers

Same time zone as New York (EST)

Stable democracy since 1729