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Datacenter Facilities. Strict physical access controls

Physical Security

The facility where our equipment is housed provides a large network backbone, fully redundant power and cooling, a high density/server-friendly design, and is located away from major environmental risks.

On a physical level, access to the building is limited to authorized personnel only. There are three levels of security: gate access, building access and door access utilizing smart cards, as well as camera surveillance authentication and biometric readers. The facility operates 24/7/365. As the data center is housed inside the Cable Bahamas campus, we have direct in-house fiber links to the Cable Bahamas’ Internet backbone.

Datacenter Security Snapshot

  • Cameras – Internal/External
  • Access Control – Biometric, 3-Factor Authentication
  • Access – All Non-Employees Require Escort
  • Operational Controls On-Site

Redundant Controls

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power distribution units (PDU) protect the equipment from surges, spikes, and other power quality issues.