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Cloud Datacenters. Secure Bahamas public cloud services for every need

Cloud Carib’s Bahamas Cloud Datacenter service is a ready-to-run-cloud built on the trusted foundation of VMware vSphere.

Access IT Resources When You Need Them

Prepare for unpredictable demand without keeping a substantial reserve of often idle hardware and software on hand. Our public cloud can supply you with IT resources without the huge expense of having to own and operate them yourself. Instead, you contract by subscription or on a pay-per-use basis. Bypass the risks and uncertainties of commodity public clouds with robust and secure, infrastructure services you can choose and use with confidence. Our vCloud Powered Service is built on the same proven VMware cloud technology that more than 250,000 enterprises depend on in their datacenters. This makes vCloud Powered Services inherently and fully compatible with your internal environment so you can deploy and scale new and legacy applications without recoding.

A Cloud Data Center gives you all the resources you need to build and manage a secure public or hybrid cloud environment, and it allows you to create and implement individual networks, firewalls, VPN connections, as well as allocate resources across your data center VMs at any time.

vCloud Powered Services let you quickly realize the compatibility, agility and scalability of VMware based hybrid clouds:

  • Extend your datacenter. Gain the freedom to move workloads from your virtualized datacenter to a secure public cloud, with the flexibility to transfer them back and forth as needed.
  • Secure your infrastructure.Confidently pool and deploy critical workloads and applications to a public cloud built on a comprehensive and proven security framework
  • Use VMware vCloud Connector. The ultimate in administrative ease for your hybrid cloud; view, manage and reliably transfer workloads from one vCloud service provider to another or from your private vCloud environment to public clouds and back again. As of February 2014, vCloud Connector is now available for free!

Top Cloud Datacenters Use Cases

Packaged Applications

01-packaged-icoWith flat or declining budgets, IT departments are facing a rising challenge of quickly adding capacity on-demand to meet business-critical requirements or free up existing resources for higher value projects. An effective way to meet this challenge is to migrate standard packaged applications, such as email and collaboration software, to a hybrid cloud. But in many cases existing applications must be rewritten and reconfigured for a public cloud platform. Our vCloud Service supports the thousands of applications and dozens of operating systems certified to run on vSphere, so you can run your existing applications in the cloud with no changes required. This addresses a major shortcoming of many other cloud providers’ offerings: the requirement to re-architect packaged applications and configurations to run on that cloud provider’s specific platform. With Cloud Carib’s vCloud Service, you don’t have to rewrite or re-architect existing applications and you get the same level of security, availability, and performance that you already get from your onsite VMware infrastructure.

“What I am looking for in a hybrid cloud is the ability to easily move   workloads and view all clouds within a single management pane. vCloud Hybrid Service will provide me the ability to extend our private cloud out and utilize it for a secondary site.”  -Matt Mock, IT Manager, GreenPages, Inc


02-webecom-icoWeb and e-commerce applications, such as online retail stores, are often 3-tier applications requiring public-facing web assets outside the firewall and business critical assets onsite. When delivered as software-as-a-service, these types of applications can potentially cause security risks to enterprise information and customer data if proper compliance and controls aren’t implemented. They also typically require dynamic and unpredictable resource requirements, which can be difficult to plan for when hosting in your data center.

Cloud Carib’s vCloud Service in The Bahamas delivers a secure, cost-effective, and easily scalable platform for deployment of web and e-commerce applications. Our vCloud Powered Service is built on a seamless virtualized network that’s quickly customizable to support your application and security needs. You can stretch your Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks seamlessly from your data center to vCloud Hybrid Service without the need for manual configuration changes. Network virtualization enables you to configure your firewalls and network as if they were in your own data center, so you can replicate the network your applications need to operate. You can also leverage your existing IT policies to meet all security, compliance, and control requirements.


03-backup-icoBusinesses must mitigate the risk of natural disasters or technical failure, or they risk losing critical business assets. A single site IT deployment makes companies vulnerable to service disruption, but it can be difficult for companies to justify the capital expense or the management burden of completely replicating their production environment to a second site operated by their own IT staff. Public cloud options can help offset the expenses of a secondary in-house infrastructure. Built on vSphere, our vCloud Powered Service offers automated monitoring and high availability of your applications. You can use remote storage to provide a lower-cost backup facility, which can be leveraged in the event of service disruption.

“vCloud Hybrid Service can greatly reduce IT capital expenditure by removing the need for a remote offsite location for DR operations. IT departments can simply scale up the capacity during disaster operations, greatly reducing the operational cost for maintaining DR site.” -Sam Lee, IT Director, Force 3

Enterprise IT / Outsourced Data Center

04-datacenterThe need for data center space continues to grow. Many companies are exploring outsourcing data center functionality to avoid building a new data center and all of the associated costs and requirements. Public clouds are a cost-effective option to meet the needs for more capacity without incurring additional capital expenses. Cloud Carib’s Bahamas vCloud  Service provides the on demand capacity and scalability you need to quickly react to changing requirements for IT resources. You can allocate and provision resources when and where you need them. A common, unified management platform enables you to administer the entire hybrid infrastructure — data centers and public cloud — with a “single pane of glass” management framework. It’s the same VMware technology you know and have come to rely on, providing the same agility, automation, and standardization you demand for operational efficiencies.


05-dev-qaDevelopers need an agile, flexible, dynamic environment for developing and testing software applications. Moving application development and testing to the cloud has clear benefits, including cost savings and increased time-to-market. But in some cases, developers are forced to learn a cloud service provider’s tools. And the service provider’s platform may not be compatible with existing IT investments, making it difficult to move applications back in house if needed in the future. Built on the foundation of vSphere, Cloud Carib’s vCloud  Service in The Bahamas leverages the same platform you already run internally, enabling you to leverage your existing investments, processes, and expertise to lower your cost of ownership. Seamless interoperability gives you the freedom to quickly deploy dev/test workloads to the cloud, with the flexibility to move them back onsite as your requirements change.

“What I am looking for in a hybrid cloud is scalability, compatibility, integration and familiarity of management. vCloud Hybrid Service will provide a great up-to-date test environment that can easily be converted to production.” – Colby Cousens, System Administrator, City of Melrose

×   Conclusion: Cloud Carib’s Bahamas vCloud Service gives you the choice to deploy applications in the best location to meet your security, performance, and availability needs, along with the ability to seamlessly move your applications among your onsite and offsite environments. 

No Surveillance
Your data resides in the Bahamas, an independent country with strong data protection laws.
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Instant provisioning
Get started quickly

Run any size workload, quickly scale up or down as needed.

Write, deploy, and manage applications the same way you do with vSphere.

Common Platform
Use for dev/test, without requiring any redesign of applications for production.

Broad Ecosystem
Supports more than 3,700 applications and dozens of operating systems.

Certified from VMware
“We test and certify vCloud Powered partners to assure the highest standards for security and performance. Then, and only then, our partners offer you public cloud services co-branded with the VMware name.”

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The Bottom Line
With the power of the cloud, it’s now easier than ever to upgrade your business. Thousands of enterprises from all over the world have moved to the cloud – why stay behind?

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