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Cloud Migration. Let us help you move to the Cloud

Migrating your environment to the Cloud.

Servers. Databases. Applications. Emails.

Ready to make the move to the Cloud, but don’t know how to start? Our team can help you identify the components of your on-premise or hosted infrastructure and migrate them to Cloud Carib.

  • Migrate Servers. Move your dedicated or virtual servers to our cloud.
  • Upgrade your Operating System. Moving to the Cloud is a great opportunity to upgrade your Operating System, from old Windows (2003) to the latest versions
  • Move to Hosted Exchange. We help your team migrate your Exchange server to our Cloud, or get the best of both worlds with Exchange Hybrid configuration.
  • You do not have to migrate your entire environment to the cloud. Start by replicating some of your on-premise VM’s. If you use Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 R2, this only takes a few clicks. Contact us to help you set it up.
  • If you are on the Cable Bahamas network, you can expect LAN-like speeds, because our equipment is housed in the Cable Bahamas datacenter.

No Surveillance
Your data stays in the Bahamas, an independent country with strong data protection laws.
Read why this is important.

Instant provisioning
Get started quickly

Run any size workload, quickly scale up or down as needed.

Write, deploy, and manage applications the same way you do with vSphere.

Common Platform
Use for dev/test, without requiring any redesign of applications for production.

Broad Ecosystem
Supports more than 3,700 applications and dozens of operating systems.

Certified from VMware
“We test and certify vCloud Powered partners to assure the highest standards for security and performance. Then, and only then, our partners offer you public cloud services co-branded with the VMware name.”

VMware, Inc.