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Hosted Citrix Netscaler. The #1 Internet Delivery System is now the Most Advanced Cloud Network Platform

Maximize Cloud Scalability

NetScaler: The world’s most advanced mobile and web application delivery controller

Cloud Carib is a Certified Citrix partner, and also offers NetScaler as a hosted service for our cloud customers. Citrix NetScaler is an all-in-one web application delivery controller that makes applications run five times better, reduces web application ownership costs, and makes sure that applications are always available. It is deployed in thousands of networks around the globe to optimize, secure and control the delivery of all enterprise and cloud services and maximize the end user experience for all users including mobile clients.

  • Scale, simplify and virtualize mobile services. Subscribers and enterprise customers need network services that are highly responsive, always available and personalized to their workspace and lifestyle.
  • Cloud scalability with revolutionary TriScale technology. Scale performance and capacity with built-in cloud connectivity, and grow with the industry’s most versatile and extensible platform.
  • Deliver apps and data with the best performance and reliability. Optimize, secure and control the delivery of all your enterprise and cloud services through a rich feature set that includes global server load balancing (GSLB), application security, and an easy-to-use policy framework for simple deployment.
  • Leverage next generation application security Secure web applications, prevent inadvertent or intentional disclosure of confidential information and maintain compliance with information security regulations such as PCI-DSS. A hybrid security model combines attack signature detection with an advanced learning engine, enabling rapid deployment and preventing DDoS attacks.
  • Provide a superior mobile experience. Deliver smooth and reliable connectivity through effective load distribution and robust end-to-end policy and management controls.

Cisco and Citrix have announced the evolution of a network services strategy for virtual and cloud networks that will integrate the market-leading Citrix NetScaler virtual application delivery controller into the Cisco Unified Fabric Cloud Network Services portfolio. The Cisco ACE replacement product, Citrix NetScaler 1000V, is tightly coupled into Cisco’s virtual networking framework to provide superior network service provisioning and performance.

Palo Alto Networks, another leading cloud networking company and Cloud Carib partner, has made their VM-Series firewall available on NetScaler SDX Platform

The Palo Alto Networks VM-Series, a next-generation virtualized firewall and threat prevention offering, is now available on the NetScaler SDX service delivery networking platform. This integration allows customers to use a single, multi-tenant platform to spin up dedicated advanced delivery controller (ADC) and next-generation firewall instances tailored to the specific needs of individual applications.

I believe Citrix cloud services will transform the way we serve our citizens

– Gerd Zumkeller,
IT Director, County of Rastatt, Germany

NetScaler service delivery helps your business

Deliver applications and data services with the best performance and reliability

Whether you’re responsible for your organization’s enterprise datacenter, or you are a cloud or service provider supporting numerous global customers, NetScaler is the best solution to optimize, secure and control the delivery of all your enterprise and cloud services. Its rich feature set includes local and global server load balancing, full web app firewall security, fast application acceleration capabilities, and an easy-to-use policy framework for simple deployment — with absolutely no programming required.

Build cloud scale with revolutionary Citrix TriScale technology

Deliver applications and data services with the best performance and reliability. As IT managers transform their traditional datacenters into enterprise clouds, they need real solutions that scale performance on-demand for cloud-like elasticity, expand capacity seamlessly to meet application traffic growth, and consolidate core network capabilities like load balancing, security and acceleration for all datacenter applications into a single platform. Citrix TriScale technology is the right strategy for enterprises and service providers that need multiple methods for scaling their network.

Enable a superior mobile application experience

As a cloud computing company that enables mobile workstyles, Citrix is leading the way in upgrading the datacenter network to support mobile communications. NetScaler offers advanced mobility features that ensure smooth and reliable connectivity for mobile devices to help mobile users be more productive while enjoying a superior experience. Through protocol extensions such as Multipath TCP and features such as visibility and control through NetScaler Insight Center, NetScaler boosts performance, availability and security.

Empower control and confidence with full application security and visibility

The NetScaler solution integrates a powerful application firewall to protect web applications from attack, prevent leakage of sensitive customer data and company confidential information, and help organizations comply with strict data security mandates, such as PCI-DSS. It combines a comprehensive attack detection database to immediately identify and block known security threats, along with a positive security model that blocks ‘zero-day’ attacks. To help monitor and improve application performance, NetScaler includes AppFlow, an open industry-standard that supports popular application monitoring and business intelligence tools. With NetScaler and AppFlow, you gain end-to-end visibility, ensure compliance and protect valuable corporate assets.

Grow your business with the most versatile and extensible platform for service delivery

Build an end-to-end service delivery fabric to optimally deliver any type of application – enterprise, cloud, mobile or web – using a single NetScaler platform to meet performance and availability SLAs. NetScaler offers flexible deployment hardware and software appliance choices, along with a unified management framework to streamline policy definition and control.

Without NetScaler, we would have needed additional servers to handle growth. Avoiding buying additional servers and upgrading bandwidth saved us over 30.000 euros immediately. This is an attractive return on investment.

– Ignace Quaghebeur,
System Engineer, Jetair

App delivery with advanced load balancing

Advanced load balancing
Comprehensive L4-7 traffic management for web servers and application servers in a single datacenter.
Content and app caching
NetScaler AppCache provides high performance caching of both static content and dynamically generated web content.
Database load balancing
Intelligent, SQL-aware load balancing of database servers to scale the data tier and deliver better database performance.

Next-generation security

Application Firewall
Blocks 100% of attacks targeting vulnerabilities in web and web services applications.
Secure Remote Access
Fully integrated SSL VPN protects mobile users.
FIPS Compliance
FIPS compliant appliances with 4.5+ Gbps of SSL throughput.

Citrix NetScaler is the industry’s most advanced cloud network platform. It enables the datacenter network to become an end-to-end service delivery fabric to optimize the delivery of all web applications, cloud-based services, virtual desktops, enterprise business apps and mobile services. It ensures the performance, availability and security SLAs for any service to any user, regardless of location and access technology.

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