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A hybrid cloud offers a mixed approach to infrastructure, that links together two unique data centers, one private and the other public. Cloud Carib supports both virtualization technologies, and you can use either VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V with our Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Cloud Carib is an Enterprise VMware Partner in The Bahamas, and a vCloud Powered Service ProviderBecause businesses need to respond more quickly to their internal and external customers as well as their competition, the agility and cost-effectiveness of moving applications to the cloud is an increasingly appealing option. In a hybrid cloud, onsite and offsite IT environments are not just connected and integrated with common management. They’re also designed to run existing and new applications in exactly the same way.

With a hybrid cloud, businesses can leverage a common management, orchestration, networking and security model both on premises and off premises. As a result, enterprises are reaping the benefits of public cloud without changing applications or operations.

With infrastructure-as-a-service from Cloud Carib, a vCloud® Powered Service Provider, you can deploy applications to the best location for that particular application’s security, performance and availability needs, and you can move the application seamlessly between your on-premises and off-premises environments.

Cloud Carib is a Microsoft Partner in The BahamasYour business requires a flexible IT infrastructure that can scale on demand. With a private cloud in your datacenter, you can be more agile and manage resources more effectively. When you extend your datacenter to meet the public cloud, you are working in a hybrid cloud model. A hybrid cloud gives you the best of both worlds, so you can take advantage of external resources when it makes sense for your business.

The Microsoft hybrid cloud combines Windows Azure, Windows Server, and Microsoft System Center, giving you Microsoft’s enterprise-grade technology in both your company’s own datacenter and Microsoft’s global datacenters, as well as Cloud Carib’s public cloud service in Nassau, Bahamas.

Extending into the cloud should expand your options without adding complexity. A Microsoft hybrid cloud lets you easily move workloads from your datacenter to Windows Azure or a Cloud Carib’s Nassau-based public cloud, while still maintaining a complete view of the infrastructure. You can build hybrid applications that leverage both on-premises and cloud resources. And you can take advantage of storage, backup, and recovery options with increased efficiency and reduced cost.

With both VMware and Hyper-V, if you are on the Cable Bahamas network, it is trivial to extend your datacenter to our cloud through our hybrid solutions, and you can expect speeds similar to your local network when accessing the cloud services.

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With the power of the cloud, it’s now easier than ever to upgrade your business. Thousands of enterprises from all over the world have moved to the cloud – why stay behind?

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