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Cloud Carib | GreenQloud Partner in The Bahamas


Global Datacenters

Imagine being able to copy your critical infrastructure from the Bahamas to Iceland, one of the safest datacenter locations in the world, with a few clicks.

With our new partnership with GreenQloud, we can jointly offer you exactly that: Unique, geo-redundant solutions, utilizing the advanced cloud technologies powering the two public clouds.

Our Cloud Backup and Recovery solution, powered by Asigra, allows you to maintain a secure off-site copy of your on-premise (or Bahamas-hosted) Asigra vault, and replicate it to our partners at GreenQloud, based in Iceland.

Also GreenQloud offers feature fidelity with the Amazon Web Services API, so if your applications are using Amazon, we can immediately help you migrate them to a safer jurisdiction, from a data protection perspective.

If you are looking for a secure, geographically redundant solution either for your backups, or for your hosted infrastructure, look no further.

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