Nassau, Bahamas – May 13, 2024 – For a second consecutive year, Cloud Carib, a Nassau-based technology solutions provider, partnered with the Blockchain Business School: HAP Organization to empower young expectant mothers from The PACE Foundation with essential technology and coding skills.

The two-day workshop, held earlier this month at Cloud Carib’s Center of Excellence (COE), provided as many as 20 expectant mothers with valuable technical skills through Microsoft’s “Everyone Can Code” program, led by a dedicated Microsoft instructor. In a unique partnership, global technology solutions provider Global Sun Integration generously donated laptops that the young mothers got to keep, further empowering them on their digital journeys.

Cloud Carib’s COE serves as a dedicated space designed to bridge the digital divide and equip businesses and non-profit organizations in the community with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the digital age. The center, which boasts more than 4,000 square feet of space, offers access to technology resources, educational programs, and professional development opportunities, and places a particular emphasis on supporting youth organizations with a focus on technology initiatives.

“We are incredibly grateful to Cloud Carib for providing a space for learning and growth for the students,” said Rhonda Eldridge, Founder of HAP.  “This workshop not only equips them with valuable technical skills but also instills confidence and opens their minds to new career paths, which aligns perfectly with both HAP and PACE’s mission.”

The PACE School offers a specialized program for teenage mothers who were unable to complete their education due to pregnancy and provides a holistic curriculum focused on developing their numeracy, literacy, technological, social, and parenting skills.

“At Cloud Carib, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in the digital revolution,” said Olivia Dorsett, Cloud Carib’s Director of Marketing & Communications. “We’re thrilled to partner with PACE and the HAP Organization and provide a space for these young Bahamian mothers with the foundational coding skills that can unlock future possibilities. Developing a diverse talent pool within the tech industry is crucial, and this workshop is a step towards achieving that goal.”

The workshop curriculum went beyond basic coding, and it also introduced the participants to the exciting world of AI through Microsoft Copilot, a powerful tool that can assist with coding tasks. This exposure to AI sparked their curiosity and opened their eyes to the vast potential of technology.

Cloud Carib and HAP Organization remain committed to supporting youth initiatives and providing the resources necessary to ensure a more inclusive and tech-savvy future.