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Collaboration is more important than ever

According to recent reports(*), 75% of knowledge workers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important”, while 39% say people in their organization don’t collaborate enough. The numbers speak for themselves: when customers and employees are engaged, organizations can achieve measurable results, like a 240% boost in business outcomes(**)

Every element of work is changing. From the type of work, to where we do the work, to the tools we use to complete it. As organizations work to transform themselves amidst all this change, collaboration is foundational to moving through and enabling this digital transformation.

Cloud Carib’s unified communications solutions are powered by proven Cisco technology. With 30 million cloud calling users, Cisco has been the leader in corporate telephony for more than a decade and has been listed as a leader in unified communications in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for 10 years straight. 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Cisco collaboration technology and continues to be #1 in the collaboration market with over 93 million Cisco IP Phones worldwide.

Cloud Carib’s unified communications solution won the Cisco Award for Architectural Excellence in 2017. Why use anyone else when you can engage the region’s proven industry experts? We design, build, operate, and maintain the region’s largest scale government and enterprise voice deployments.

Undefined Communications

Features & Benefits

  1. High-quality, reliable, voice, video, content sharing with simple and consistent user experience
    easier than ever for people in any size organization to connect and collaborate from whatever device they choose
    more affordable than ever to get access to a proven platform
  2. Simple to add/remove users and devices by leveraging the 24/7/365 Cloud Carib Command & Control Center (C3)
  3. Reduced IT overhead by offloading ongoing maintenance tasks such as system upgrades to the 24/7/365 Cloud Carib
  4. Command & Control Center (C3)
  5. Clear monthly billing to help you manage your budget

(*) State of the American Workforce Report
(**) Communicating in the modern workplace: Queens University