The company architected a new strategic solution for a new regional telecoms provider.
The Challenge

The mobile operator needed to design and build out a robust network infrastructure from the ground up. These realities created an environment that was constantly changing, and which presented a unique set of challenges ranging in severity from a lack of necessary manpower needed to meet the business objectives to a lack of resources. This required Cloud Carib to be adaptive and highly responsive in order to facilitate prompt decision-making.

The Solution 

At the heart of the company’s strategy were plans to create an operation that was both customer-centered and technology-driven, which revolutionized the end user’s ability to access mobile services.

Cloud Carib was able to design and build out a private cloud infrastructure that allowed the company to own its equipment and hardware and have a fully managed private cloud by Cloud Carib. The solutions included various network and tech infrastructure setups, managed backups, and other managed services allowing the company to track important data, such as billing systems and even generate reports to track all the company’s internal systems.

The Results 

This robust, highly responsive infrastructure allowed the company to adequately manage the influx of new customers who joined or migrated to the network. The infrastructure solutions not only met the company’s strict timelines, but also resulted in major revenue savings for the business, setting the stage for future company growth.

The Benefits

Lowered Costs & More Savings– Significant revenue savings in addition to infrastructure hardware and software ownership.

Data–Driven Decision Making & Management– Effective customer management with the ability to track and generate reports for internal company data.