Backup as a Service-healthcare
New strategic solutions generate significant performance improvement for a leading private health care facility.
The Challenge

This healthcare facility needed to manage its ever-increasing volume of data, while also protecting sensitive medical data and other private patient details from being lost, corrupted, or stolen. In addition, the facility required upgrades to improve its Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and facilitate faster decision-making regarding patient care.

The Solution 

To tackle the medical institution’s complex data backup and recovery needs, Cloud Carib was able to architect a solution incorporating both on-premises and off-site backups. This allowed for greater flexibility and security in the management of critical medical data. Cloud Carib also provided industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which added an additional layer of protection and stability for the healthcare provider.

medical image
The Results 

Using Cloud Carib’s recommendations and solutions, the facility was not only able to meet both their RPO and RTO objectives, but also significantly reduce the total cost of ownership and increased the peace of mind for management. On-premises, and offsite solutions allowed for more successful data recovery while also maintaining data sovereignty of critical patient information and data.

The Benefits 

More Reliable Backup & Recovery– Solutions provided remedied complex data backup and recovery concerns.

Increased Flexibility & Security– Enabled the facility to meet its RTO and RPO objectives, while also offering greater flexibility and security in data management.