Case study managed security finance regulator


Cloud Carib architected a Managed Security solution for a finance industry regulator headquartered in the Caribbean.

The Challenge 

As its country’s primary regulator of the financial sector, the agency required a system that was both secure and agile in its ability to respond to threats. The regulator also needed to consolidate its many legacy network devices into one streamlined system that allowed them to identify applications regardless of port or protocol, detect evasive tactics, and respond to possible security threats while also identifying their users regardless of IP address. 

The Solution 

To meet the client’s needs, the company deployed a strategy that included a managed next-generation firewall solution. Through a combination of hardware and software subscriptions, tailored to the Bank’s requirements Cloud Carib was able to introduce Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Malware prevention services, and firewall rule changes which helped the bank better track its security interventions. 

The Benefits 

Better Informed Business Decisions– The bank was able to obtain reports of attempted attacks and network traffic trends, improving access to important decision-making data. 

Greater Network Visibility– Increased ability to track end user behaviour within the bank’s internal networks. 

The Results 

The solutions provided added peace of mind for the regulator’s executive team. In the first instance, they were able to implement a professionally managed security platform, staffed 24×7 with local resources. 

In the second instance, the regulator also gained a highly available messaging platform with current technology and security applied.