Unified communications private government

Cloud Carib designed and built, operates and manages carrier grade private government unified communications platform.

The Challenge

With a legacy communications system that offered only basic functionality with no advanced features, poor call quality, and high costs associated with inter-departmental communication, the government required a secure unified communications solution to service over 10,000 government employees while improving employee productivity.

The Solution

Through the deployment of a managed voice service, Cloud Carib was able to create a centralized communications solution designed to improve customer response times, inter-departmental interactions, both in-office and remotely while also impacting overall government efficiency.

Cloud Carib’s solution was able to link services across multiple island administrative locations and manage all data and telecommunications traffic. The solution allowed staff to call government agencies on different islands without incurring long distance charges and enabled them to reach colleagues on any device they were logged into (mobile, desktop, tablet, hard phone, etc.), these enabled remote work employees and agencies.

The Benefits

Immediate Cost Savings– The new and more responsive system provided almost immediate cost savings when compared to the previous, legacy communications system.

Secure Remote Solutions– As the need arose to facilitate remote work, Cloud Carib’s communications solutions facilitated more secure connections for employees performing duties outside the office. 

The Results

The solution resulted in an increased ease of communication between departments and teams, leading to improved productivity. The increased employee productivity and cost savings had a trickle-down impact on the thousands of customers accessing various services across multiple government agencies. The end result included improved efficiency, better access to services for citizens and added security.