Managed Database & Private Cloud- Government

Cloud Carib redesigned, built and managed an Oracle Database cluster for a major government institution.

The Challenge

The revenue and tax collection agency was challenged by a slow database which caused widespread system crashes. This in turn negatively impacted its ability to efficiently manage day-to-day business and impeded revenue collection. These issues were further exacerbated by high licensing costs which made maintaining the agency’s current infrastructure more difficult and expensive.

The Solution

Based on the client’s unique position as a tax revenue collection agency it was determined they would need a customized private cloud solution to ensure flexibility, security, and performance. In response, Cloud Carib designed and deployed a private cloud and a managed Oracle database for this client. The client feels that their users’ data would be secure and protected in this trusted environment.

The managed database solution included everything from infrastructure, the database engine, to management tools and licensing.

The solution was designed with security as a top priority. Cloud Carib implemented security elements across multiple layers and applied strict security protocols and best practices.

The Benefits

Improved Performance– With a more efficient system to manage revenue collection the agency was able reduce latency and see an overall improvement in its performance.

Cost Reduction– Eliminating the high cost of licensing fees and addressing operation shortfalls resulted in huge financial savings for the agency. By leveraging CCL’s Managed Database & Managed Cloud Services the company was able to provide millions of dollars of savings and support their business needs.

The Results

The introduction of a highly responsive cloud environment helped the organization achieve greater efficiency and reliability due to increased storage, greater mobility, while also allowing for easier upgrades to the overall system. The database solution improved the revenue collection agencies’ performance, efficiency, data integrity and enabled faster data access