Systems Engineer Cordelia Dean with Larissa Crandall, Vice President of Global Channel and Alliances

Nassau, The Bahamas  – Cloud Carib is delighted to announce that Veeam Software has selected one of its top Systems Engineers, Cordelia Dean to receive the notable distinction of being a finalist of over 150 others for the on-site training as a participant in the #EmpowHER VMCE program. Dean stands among the distinguished 12 women chosen globally for the in-person training at Veeam’s Georgia headquarters. This selection aligns perfectly with Cloud Carib’s and Veeam’s mutual commitment to technological innovation and excellence while fostering diversity and inclusion in the IT industry.

Systems Engineer Cordelia Dean at EmpowHER in Alpharetta, Georgia

Standing out from a pool of over 800+ applicants from around the world, Dean’s selection highlights her remarkable talent and passion for technology. The #EmpowHER VMCE program, aligned with Veeam’s Women in IT Empowerment initiative, empowers, and supports women in the IT industry by providing them with the opportunity to learn from Veeam experts and network with other women in the field.

“At Veeam we think of Education as a tool for professional development. EmpowHER VMCE is an initiative for all companies around us to upskill women, gain confidence, grow professionally, and thrive in their IT Careers. All women participating in the program are valid IT resources who will not only have an additional tool to shine but will also inspire and encourage others to advance,” said Federica Saba, Global Channel Program Success Manager at Veeam.

Dean’s selection is a testament to her dedication to continuous learning and professional development. She has been working in the IT field for more than seven years and is currently pursuing dual Cybersecurity degrees, a Bachelor’s, and a Master’s, at Kennesaw State University.

Systems Engineer Cordelia Dean with instructors and attendees at the on-site Veeam EmpowHER training in Alpharetta, Georgia

During the three-day on-site training at Veeam’s offices in Alpharetta, Georgia, Dean underwent in-depth teaching on Veeam solutions, empowering her with the expertise to further contribute to Cloud Carib’s overall success. She also had the opportunity to collaborate with other finalists and Veeam experts, fostering connections and exchanging ideas.



“I am incredibly honored to be selected as a finalist on top of being the only Bahamian on-site participant in the Veeam Software #EmpowHER VMCE program,” said Dean. “Certifications are more than just formal qualifications; they signify our commitment to staying updated in a rapidly evolving tech landscape, ensuring top-quality services for our clients.”

Stephen Darville, Senior Manager – Command and Control Center at Cloud Carib, expressed his pride in Dean’s accomplishments, stating, “Cordelia’s selection is a demonstration of her remarkable talent and unwavering commitment to the IT field. We are incredibly proud of her achievements and look forward to the positive impact she will continue to have on our company.”

Systems Engineer Cordelia Dean with Danny Allan, Veeam CTO

Dean’s success serves as an inspiration to women throughout the Caribbean aspiring to pursue careers in the IT industry. Her journey highlights the importance of empowering and supporting women in this field, ensuring that their voices and contributions are recognized and valued. With an unwavering passion for technology, Dean encourages aspiring women in IT not to succumb to challenges but to leverage their motivations to persist and thrive.