Every Drop Counts: A Moment of Compassion from Director of Marketing & Communications at Cloud Carib, Olivia Dorsett

Cloud Carib, in collaboration with the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA), successfully hosted the first blood drive of 2024 for National Blood Donor Month on January 18th at the Cloud Carib Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Sandyport, Nassau, Bahamas.

The event, aligned with the national observance of Blood Donor Month, was a concerted effort to honour and encourage voluntary blood donors during a period when the need for blood is critically heightened. Special commendation is extended to the dedicated team and nurses, Jalna Bullard and Ms Vendolyn Hepburn, for their outstanding efforts in screening and processing all donors.

Mrs. Patricia C. Longley, Internal Relations Officer at the PHA Corporate Office, remarked on the event’s significance: “This being our first blood drive of the year, the importance cannot be overstated. Every litre of blood donated represents a beacon of hope and a lifesaving resource. We’re profoundly grateful to Cloud Carib for opening its doors to us, which has allowed us to achieve our goal for this drive. The Centre of Excellence provided not only a spacious and comfortable environment for our donors but also nourishing refreshments and a healthy breakfast for staff. It’s heartwarming to see the enthusiasm and commitment of the Cloud Carib team and those who attempted to donate. Every effort counts in this vital cause.”

M’khel Ferguson, Marketing Operations Manager at Cloud Carib, expressed the company’s commitment to community welfare,

“At Cloud Carib, we believe in making a tangible, positive impact in our community, and supporting blood donation drives is an essential part of that commitment. This cause is personally significant to me, as the need for blood coincidentally aligned with a family requirement on the same day. This synchronicity not only allowed me to contribute but also to rally family members to support this noble cause. We are thrilled that businesses in Sandyport also participated, showcasing the collective spirit of giving that defines our community.”

Unity in Giving: Cloud Carib Senior Manager, Internal Audit and Compliance Deno Cartwright making a lifesaving contribution along with a representative from the Public Hospital Authority

Cloud Carib’s blood drive hosting initiative underlines the company’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and community engagement. The successful event is a testament to the company’s ethos of giving back and the power of community efforts in addressing crucial healthcare needs.