Cloud Carib is one of the first Cloud Service Providers in offshore jurisdictions to attain this certification.

Cloud Carib Ltd., an Offshore Cloud Provider, today announced that its Bahamas-based public cloud service has achieved VMware vCloud® Powered status, illustrating to customers that the company’s cloud services are underpinned by VMware’s leading virtualization and cloud computing technology, namely VMware vSphere® and VMware vCloud Director. A member of the VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP), Cloud Carib Ltd. provides its VMware vCloud Powered service as a set of cloud computing services across a common platform, supporting the largest set of existing applications and offering distinctive application mobility uniquely available from VMware.

“We are thrilled to receive this important validation for our service”, said Stelios Xeroudakis, Director with Cloud Carib Ltd. “We believe with the increased global awareness for data protection, the demand for advanced cloud services in offshore jurisdictions is only going to grow. This validation exhibits our commitment to provide advanced, secure cloud services based on VMware’s leading technology to customers looking for data protection in the cloud.”

“The VMware vCloud® Powered program was developed to enable our service provider partners to differentiate themselves and help them bring their enterprise-class cloud services to market in this competitive landscape,“ said FJ Gould, Area Partner Director, Latin America, VMware. “We look forward to supporting Cloud Carib Ltd. further as it delivers on the agility and performance customers are looking for in the cloud computing landscape.”

Customers of Cloud Carib Ltd. have the ability to move workloads from their VMware vSphere-based virtualized or private cloud environment to the VMware vCloud Powered service and back again. This application portability is a key differentiator allowing customers to achieve the flexibility and security they need while enabling increased IT agility.

Cloud Carib Ltd. sought VMware vCloud® Powered validation in order to provide clients with the assurance that they can securely connect their internal cloud with their cloud resources hosted at Cloud Carib, allowing them to seamlessly migrate their important applications while augmenting their on-premise infrastructure. Cloud Carib also provides a cross-connect option for Bahamas-based customers, where they can privately connect existing hardware to cloud resources through dedicated circuits.

As a validated provider, Cloud Carib Ltd. can now provide users with enhanced responsiveness and agility, and reduced IT costs through increased consolidation, task automation and simplified management. The service will debut on March 14, 2014, in order to help customers host their data securely in The Bahamas, a jurisdiction that offers strong data privacy laws.

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