With over 100 years of combined cutting edge ICT leadership, we’ve learned a few things.

Strengthening Our Security Posture – Above and Beyond Industry Standards

Compliance and Certification are vital for client trust. Our experts deliver efficient security solutions prioritizing transparency and measurable results.

At Cloud Carib, we adhere to various IT standards categorized into Certifications and Attestations, Laws, Regulations, Privacy, and Alignments and Frameworks. Compliance certifications and attestations are evaluated by an independent third-party auditor and lead to a certification, attestation of compliance, or audit report while compliance alignments and frameworks encompass established security or compliance requirements that cater to a particular objective, like a specific industry or function. Partnering with us ensures the utmost protection for your data.

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Security Management on a Global Scale

We place a high emphasis on data sovereignty and global security management. Our services are audited by expert evaluators who assess our solutions’ security, confidentiality, and compliance.

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International & Regional Standards

Our clients can trust their sensitive data is stored and managed in compliance with local & regional regulations protecting their reputation and risk of costly legal damages.

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Trust, Transparency & Technology

We tailor industry best practices related to ISO/IEC 27001, NIST 800-53, and other guidelines to fit your specific needs as we use these guidelines to improve our security posture continuously.

Our Compliance Certifications

First Cloud Security Alliance Trusted Cloud Provider headquartered in the Caribbean

Cloud Security Alliance STAR Level 1: Self-Assessment

Cloud Security Alliance STAR Level 2: Third-Party Audit


Conforms with NIST 800-53

SOC2 Compliance

SOC2 Compliant (System and Organization Controls) as defined by the AICPA


Conforms with ISO/IEC 27001


Conforms with ISO/IEC 27002


Conforms with ISO/IEC 27018


Conforms with ISO/IEC 27017

ISO compliance

Conforms with ISO/IEC 17789

ISO compliance

Conforms with ISO/IEC 17788

ISO compliance

Conforms with ISO/IEC 17826


Conforms with ISO/IEC 27701


Conforms with ISO/IEC 22301

ISO compliance

Conforms with ISO/IEC 19831

ISO compliance

Conforms with ISO/IEC 18384

ISO compliance

Conforms with ISO/IEC 19086


Conforms with ISO/IEC 9001