With over 100 years of combined cutting edge ICT leadership, we’ve learned a few things.

Our Team

Cloud Carib’s talented and experienced team delivers amazing results. We help clients realize the power of digital transformation without the complexity and expense of managing it on their own. We only hire the best people that together possess a deep and broad domain knowledge paired with passion for delivering service excellence – unmatched in our region.

Marcel Halaby

Director, Sales Operations

Nikita Taylor

Human Resources Specialist

Alfredo Carrasco

Chief Financial Officer

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Keyva Taylor

Sr. Inside Sales Representative

Donovan Harding

Enterprise Architect, Cloud Native

Osmany Goderich

Solutions Architect

Ariane Mermet

Account Manager

Haiman Amin

Director, Engineering – Enterprise Services

Rashif Duncombe, Esq.

General Counsel

Stephen Darville

Senior Manager, C3

Shawna Davis

Marketing Operations Consultant

Shailesh Sharma

Senior Systems Engineer

Rayana Millar

Sales Research Assistant

Alana Wheaton

Vice President, Administration

Rafael Pena

Finance Manager

Don Moss

Systems Administrator

Artan Xhelili

Senior Systems Engineer

David Pisarek

Senior Systems Engineer

Quzhan Johnson

Systems Engineer

Dexter Cooper

Systems Engineer

Carey “Cal” Callahan

Director, Inside Sales

Dario Barinic

Senior Systems Engineer

Marwan Hammad

Enterprise Architect

Muqeet Kamal

Senior Systems Developer

Alexey Kononykhin

Enterprise Architect – Applications Services

Trisanya Morrison

Inside Sales Representative

Dan Mane

Senior Security Engineer

Nikolaos Mantzouranis

Systems Administrator

Bilal Ahmad

Senior Systems Engineer

Tamara Hossack

Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Wendell Seymour

Account Manager

Rabin Dorsett

Sales Operations Personnel

Alexios Pappas

Senior Systems Engineer

Sean Munroe

Director, Engineering- Network & Voice

Deno Cartwright

Sr. Manager, Internal Audit & Compliance

Damion Rose

Sales Executive

Christian Albury

Systems Engineer

Virginia Lopez

Accounting Contractor

Olivia Dorsett

Director, Marketing & Communications

Jorge Garcia

Sales Enablement & RFP Specialist

Shaval Coakley

Systems Administrator

Thong Kha

Vice President, Operations

Leonidas Tzallas

Systems Administrator - QA

Samir Saoud

Senior Systems Engineer

Sakina Sands

Business Services Manager

Jeff Stoffa

Sales Executive

Leyre Goitia

General Manager, Digital Nomads

Scott MacKenzie

Chief Executive Officer

Manolis Maliak

Senior Systems Engineer – Storage

M’khel Ferguson

Marketing Operations Manager

Eamonn Sheehy

Director, Public Sector

George Limniatis

Systems Engineer

Kevin Kinsella

Chief Information Security Officer & CSO

Raido Rattameister

Enterprise Architect

Jerem Rondina

Director of Sales, Current Accounts

Brittany Cartwright

Senior Manager, Human Resources

Bianca Lee

Director, Business Services

Pavel Petrov

Senior Systems Engineer

Angela Li

Senior Systems Developer

Anya Beneby

Sales Operations Specialist

Tomer Nahoomy

Senior Systems Engineer

Stelios Xeroudakis

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Kostas Dramisiotis

Senior Systems Engineer

Dominique Smith

Financial Analyst

Anshita Varshney

Director, Project Management Office

DeAndra Thompson

Financial Accountant

Muhammed Nabawy

Senior Systems Engineer

Mark Arruda

Vice President, Solutions

Rashad Adderley

Systems Administrator

Sandi-Ann Bowen

Inside Sales Representative

Ciprian Boboc

Ciprian Boboc

Cordelia Dean

Systems Administrator

Myroslav Mishov

Enterprise Architect – E2MS & Linux Systems